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About Saint Fit

Saint Fit Headquarters is located in the heart of the Napa Valley in Saint Helena, California. Saint Fit has become a growing community of both local members and online clients from across the US.

Our fitness facility is a full gym. Our weight room includes a full set of dumbbells 2-100 lbs, strength equipment, cardio equipment, yoga studio, and more. 

Use our open gym, work with a personal trainer, choose from one of our classes or bootcamps, or utilize a nutritional and/or workout program  to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Not only does Saint Fit work with local Napa Valley residents, we also offer Online Coaching to people across the United States.  Clients from everywhere have joined our Saint Fit family by choosing an online program and working with one of our coaches. 

Our training style focuses on the whole person. We know that for fitness to become part of your lifestyle, it has to be bigger than just giving you a “good workout”. 

We focus on 3 main parts to get every client at their best — 

Exercise –  Mindset – Nutrition 


Workout programs are designed around the individual. Every client has a unique set of goals, experiences, and body. Our client centered approach considers the needs of the individual. Once we understand your unique situation, we make a plan, and execute. 


Attitude is everything. You can have a perfect plan but if you can’t get your mind right, there will be no and consistency. This is where coaching becomes invaluable. Coaches need coaches. Trainers need trainers. Everyone levels up when they have someone in their corner. You’re no different. If it were just about knowledge everyone would be fit. At the end of the day we are all emotional creatures. That’s where the focus on the client becomes pivotal to success. We help each individual find their emotional motivators to make their goals sustainable for life. 


Ever wonder why you see the person who has great work ethic and amazing attitude but never see results? Are you this person? You can have the best attitude, be killing it in the gym and still struggle with weight. Why is this? Food. You need it. It’s part of your culture, your social life, and so much more. We can help you find the right way to fuel your body, get your goals, and not go crazy with hunger and cravings. Through proper macro nutrients, we build the body you want and make it sustainable for you to keep the body you want. 

Whether you are from the Napa Valley, visiting the area, or live afar, Saint Fit can help you with your fitness goals. 

Contact us today to set up your consultation. No obligation to purchase. No salesy talk. We just want to help. 

coach mike

Coach Mike

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

coach vee

Coach Vee

FM Certified Personal Trainer