Find Your Plan

There is no one size fits all. That’s why we’ve created different plans and programs to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Gym Memberships

Access to our facilities. Monthly, Annual, and Temporary Membership options available. We are an open gym available for use during our normal business hours.

  • Weight room
  • Cardio
  • Member Classes

1 on 1 Coaching (Workouts + Nutrition + Coaching) (Online)

Who is this for? The person who knows they are capable of more. The person who works out hard but isn’t seeing results. For the person who needs a support system to hold them accountable and motivated. The person who is confused, lost and wants to work with a real person one on one.

This isn’t just an exercise program. This is REAL coaching. What we give you is a customized full training program tailored to your specific goal. The difference between us and other online coaches is we COACH you. This program teaches you exactly how to achieve your goals through habits, discipline, and purpose. Get your macros dialed, get your workouts dialed, get your results. When you work with us we work from the inside out. Don’t be surprised if we ask you what your reason for working out it is. We dig deep so you can find and be your own inspiration. Each client will be required to check in with their coach, send in weekly photos, body stats, and other weekly assignments. All is consolidated in our easy to use app.

We focus on the needs and goals of our clients. It’s not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We identify your goal, create a plan, and build a support system around you so you can flourish and achieve your desired goal.

Live Fit Workout Programs (Online)

Step into the gym or your home with a plan! No more wandering aimlessly wondering what you should do. No more hopping on a treadmill for a half hour because you don’t know what else to do. No more searching through Instagram or YouTube to find workouts. This is made for the person who is motivated to do the workouts but just needs a little guidance.

These are workout only programs. Each month the workout PHASES change each month giving you new challenges to complete. Choose the program that best fits your goal whether it be to build muscle or get lean. Workouts are 5 days per week made for either the Gym or your home. The Live Fit programs come with access with our easy to use app where you can access workouts, upload progress pics, and track your progress from week to week. Each exercise has a “how to” video tutorial just in case you’re not sure how to do a movement.

The great thing about our programs is you can easily track your progress (weights, reps, and progress photos). Most people quit because they think they’re not progressing. With our app, it’s geared for you to beat your previous personal bests.

Personal Training (On Site)

Are you tired of not seeing results? Don’t know what to do in the gym? Want a trainer to push you to your limits? Tired of all your old excuses? Want to learn how to squat, deadlift, bench? Leap forward with Personal Training and take yourself to the next level. There is no more guessing with us in your corner. Work with a trainer that will guide you to your specific goal. We always say a goal without a plan is just a wish! We set you up for success. Success starts and ends with having a well thought out plan and system. Work with us and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Let us go to work for you

Here’s what you get when you work with us:

RESULTS, INCREASED ENERGY, and BOOSTED CONFIDENCE. Most people quit because they aren’t seeing results then go back to old habits, therefore entering a vicious cycle. We help you identify where you’ve gone wrong in the past and attack things at the root. It’s no surprise that all of our clients experience more energy. Once you finish your workout you’ll be feeling amazing and ready to attack life. It’s all about creating that positive mental attitude! At the end of the day, exercise boosts our confidence and when you have confidence you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you! We want you at your best whatever that means to you!